Mission Statement
The "Cowboy Capital Walk of Fame" is designed to recognize the significance of the Western heritage which is an integral part of Stephenville and the surrounding area. By honoring those outstanding individuals, both local and national, who have achieved worldwide acclaim, the "Walk of Fame" seeks to promote tourism by establishing a permanent tourist attraction. The goal of the "Cowboy Capital Walk of Fame" is to serve as a catalyst for tourism events and activities which promote the Western Heritage theme.
(Provided by Chamber of Commerce)

The Cowboy Capital Walk of Fame on the square pays special tribute to just a few of the many residents that have made lasting contributions to the western way of life here. In 1988 the idea became reality upon the first induction of the first members to the Cowboy Walk of Fame.

The Cowboy Capital Walk of Fame recognizes the need to preserve our Western Heritage.

  • 1988 Inductees & Charter Members
    George & Beulah Brown
    Everett & Eva Colborn
    Kay Floyd
    Sherwood Foster
    Tuff Hedeman
    G.K. & Nita Lewallen
    Ty Murray
    Jim Sharp
    Harry Tompkins
    Kobie & Paula Wood
  • 2000 Inductees
    Bob Doty
    Chick Elms
    Joe & Chitchi Fambro
    Walt & Debbie Garrison
    J.M. "Junior" McNeill
    Buster Welch
    Isora Young
  • TSU National Intercollegiate Rodeo Champions
    1969, 1970, 1971

    Angie Watts Averhoff
    Sally Preston
    Karen Walls
    Vicki Higgins Emerson
    Connie Wilkinson Wood
    Martha Tompkins Wright
    Sharon Harrison Youngblood
  • TSU National Intercollegiate Rodeo Champions

    Billy Albin
    Charley Bitters
    Johnny Kirk Edmondson
    Bobby Hungate
    Lionel Lane
    Randy Magers
  • 2001 Inductees
    Guy Allen
    Faye Marburger Ramsey
    Tom Reeves
    Terry & Delia Walls
  • 2002 Inductees
    Ethel Lewallen
    George Doak
    Jimmy Anderson
  • 2003 Inductees
    Joy (Gordon) Hawks
    Toby & Jean Stone
    Monty "Hawkeye" Henson
    Junior Meek